UABC’s Support

This past April, Viñedos Don Juan formally requested the support of UABC’s Department of Architecture at its Valle de Las Palmas campus in the creation of architectural design drafts for the winery.  UABC is the state of Baja California’s public university system.

We are glad to announce that our request has been accepted.

The projects will focus on the land surrounding the winery, which offers enough space to develop innovative designs which could highlight our wine activity in the region.

On April 26th, we received a visit from the university’s fourth semester architecture students, as well as professors Arq. Zulema Vázquez González and M.U. Alonso Hernández Guitrón.  They were given a tour of the vineyards, the vinification plant, and the winery’s surrounding areas.

The students were granted creative freedom in the development of their designs and concepts.  However, some of the options that were mentioned during the visit were a restaurant; a reception room; a boutique hotel; a spa and healing center; an organic orchard, among others.

This exercise has been integrated into the university’s Architectural Design class, ‘Diseño Arquitectónico II’, which is currently in progress.

The students are to present their final drafts in the month of June, at which point they will be evaluated by representatives from the Department of Architecture and Viñedos Don Juan.  The winery will reward the two designs drafts which are considered to be the best.

Viñedos Don Juan hopes that the students gain valuable experience from this exercise and that this is the start of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our neighbor, UABC Unidad Valle de Las Palmas.

All the best, Viñedos Don Juan

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